Packman Dog Walking & Better Behavior

157 Torrey Heights Lane
Durham, North Carolina - NC
Service Areas: Durham, Brier Creek, Morrisville, Cary, Raleigh
Phone: 919-473-6434


Packman Dog Walking & Better Behavior is the area’s premier Dog Walking Company.

What sets us apart:Our Dog Walking is led by a dog training & dog behavior expert who has tens of thousands of miles of Pack Walking under his shoes. When you see us walking with packs of dogs, you won’t see the typical behavior most dog walkers’ allow such as:
• Pulling
• Walking in front of the Dog Walker
• Barking & lunging
• getting tangled, zig-zagging
• marking
Dogs on these types of walks are in an overexcited state of mind with no connection to their dog walker.

With Frank leading the way. your dog will be part of the most fulfilling dog walking experience possible.

By walking a group of dogs in a calm and relaxed state, your dog will practice not only excellent social skills with other dogs but proper loose leash walking in a heel position with no pulling.  The dogs in our Pack Walking program learn how to walk together calmly, stay focused on the trainer and not react negatively to distractions.

Instead of being walked when overexcited or running around with no structure in a dog park, with Packman Dog Walking, your dog will be on fun journey through RTP, learning great social behavior and excellent walking skills.  Walking calmly with other dogs is a great way for dogs to associate other dogs with calmness instead of high levels of excitement which generally can lead to leash re-activity.

Our Pack Walking Program has been tremendously successful with fantastic results.
The dog you come home to will be a tired, relaxed and more obedient dog.

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Frank Vollero

Durham, North Carolina - NC