Off Leash Dog Parks in Austin, Texas

Zilker Park in Austin, TexasThe city of Austin, Texas has come to be known as a dog friendly city.  There are thousands of people who own dogs as pets in Austin, and many of them bring their dogs to public areas where they are able to socialize and interact with other dogs. The city of Austin Park and Recreation Department maintains twelve public offleash dog areas in the area for residents to use, and those parks and areas are listed below for your convenience.

Dogs may be off leash in the specified dog-friendly areas of certain parks during the hours of 5:00am – 10:00pm daily. When dogs are not on private property or within the confines of these areas during the set times, the city requires dogs to be on leash, and the leash must be no longer than 6 feet long. There is a maximum fine potential of $500 for violations. Dog owners and dog walkers in Austin are required to pick up their dog waste to help keep the area clean!

The city of Austin’s Off Leash Area Advisory Committee (OLAAA) serves as a liaison between the public and the city’s Parks Department. For more information about the parks and updated info, please visit the city website.  This information should be accurate as of 10/2010.

Dog Parks & Dog Runs in Austin:
Auditorium Shores 920 W. Riverside Dr.     (Bounded by Lake, S 1rst St, Riverside Dr and Bouldin Creek)
Bull Creek District Park 6701 Lakewood Dr.     ON LEASH ONLY
Davis White Northeast District Park 5909 Crystalbrook Dr.  (The portion of Northeast District park bounded by Lake Long Rd, Crystal Brook Dr and Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad right-of-way.)
Emma Long Metropolitan Park 1600 City Park Rd.  (The portion of Lake Austin Metropolitan Park bounded by Park Dr, the park fence on west side, Turkey Creek and top ridge of bluff line that overlooks Lake Austin. The main park from cashier’s booth to Lake Austin is -T a leash free area)
Norwood Estate IH35 at Riverside Drive    (In an area designated by the Director of Parks and Recreation Department)
Red Bud Isle 3401 Red Bud Trail Unit Cr.  (Redbud Isle south of Redbud Trail)
Onion Creek District Park 7001 Onion Creek Dr.     (The portion of Onion Creek District Park south of Chunn Road)
Shoal Creek Greenbelt 2600-2799 Lamar Blvd. (Shoal Creek hike and bike trail from 24th St to 29th St.)
Walnut Creek District Park 12138 N. Lamar Blvd.    (The portion of Walnut Creek District Park bounded by Cedar Bend Dr, Walnut Creek and the park fence on the west and east sides.)
West Austin Park 1317 W. 10th St.     (Between fenced in area that is located on the southwest corner)
Zilker Park 2100 Barton Springs Rd.   (Portion of Zilker Park bounded by Stratford Dr, Barton Springs Rd and Neff Rd the “Great Lawn” (formerly known as Park River Rd).)

Non Parkland Off-Leash Area
Far West (The right-of-way of Far West Blvd between Great Northern Blvd and Shoal Creek Blvd.)

Photo: Flickr