NYC Dog Walking

Dog Walking in NYCOne of the most alluring and profitable small business operations in the New York City area is the business of dog walking. The city is a busy and cramped place already, and dog walking is tough for many, particularly for those with jobs that occupy their days. Having the benefit of a dog walker is a serious advantage for those with high-energy dogs; leaving a dog like this in the house all day can result in behavior problems and destruction of the interior.

There are many different businesses and private, one-person operations throughout the city, reflecting two distinct aspects of this great career; dog walking is in demand and it is profitable. There are actually more private individuals operating walking services than staffed businesses but there is a significant number of both. While most would not expect it, dog walking is one of the few services that is both affordable and profitable. Many dog walkers charge between $20 and $50 for each dog, per walk, and those that charge by the hour charge nearly identical prices.

Considering that one person can walk up to four dogs comfortably, with the right training, the daily profits can add up quickly, even with just a few clients. This makes NYC dog walking a great business opportunity for just about anyone that loves dogs and has the time to dedicate to it. The only real requirements are obtaining a business license, around $100 or so, and being properly trained in the handling of multiple dogs.

Learning the “pack mentality” is one of the most essential steps, as even the most docile dogs can change quickly when confronted with the right situation. Obtaining this knowledge, and any skills or certifications available, can be instrumental in building, maintaining and growing a reliable customer base. Those seeking to obtain the right training and certifications need to look no further than one of the New York City chapter of the Humane Society or the ASPCA website.

Photo: Flickr