Naming Your Dog Walking Business

Dog Business NamesComing up with a creative and descriptive name for a dog walking service or professional dog walker may seem like a difficult task, but it can be very fun, especially if you include friends and family in the decision making process. Here are some tips that you can use to create a name for your business so potential customers will know what you offer and be able to remember your company name!

Choosing a fun name that matches your personality is a great idea. You can also use made up words that sound cool, or you can use fun words along with “dog walker,” “dog walking,” “dog walk,” “pet care,” or other popular term that describes services you plan to offer. The most important thing is that it should be memorable and ensure that people know to associate the business name with you. This may be why many people choose to use their first and/or last name in the business name.

From an Internet and search engine optimization, a business name that is descriptive, such as Chicago Dog Walker, might be beneficial, primarily if you have the matching domain name ( Sadly, most of these types of domain names were purchased many years ago, and many are operational companies and/or websites. Some smaller cities and geographical area domain names are available, and that might be beneficial from an Internet and local marketing viewpoint. They may be less fun, but they may be better for your business.

The problem with the descriptive approach is that it lacks special branding. I believe it’s much easier to remember a dog walker either by name or a unique company name. Having a descriptive company name may be detrimental in this case, although it is likely customers will refer to you by your first and last name, so you should consider using that instead.

You’ll want to make sure your company name isn’t confusing to spell, and your email address is memorable. There’s nothing worse than getting the name of a great dog walker and having the email bounce back as undeliverable or not being able to find that person’s contact information because the company name is different than the dog walker’s name.

You want to create a business name that stands apart from others and isn’t already being used by another company in your state. You need to visit your state’s business website and do a business name or business entity search to make sure your favorite name isn’t being used by another company. Using another company’s name (or something very similar) can lead to litigation and legal problems – something that can be very expensive!

Your business name is going to stick with you for as long as you are involved in this business. Take your time choosing a name and make sure you’re happy with it. That’s probably the most important thing!

Photo: Flickr