Naming a Dog Walking Service

Naming a dog walking service is just like naming any company or business venture. The name has to suit the service provided. It should show some of the personality of the business and it should also be marketable. For dog services in particular, the initial considerations should be if the name should convey fun for the dog, if it should convey athleticism, particular care for elderly dogs or any other specific area of the service that the owner wants to convey immediately to the client. From there, it is a matter of taking those ideas and making them business worthy.

A major concern when naming a dog walking service is marketing. It might sound funny to name a service Walks, Poops and Scoops. However, that simply is not marketable. Yes, it gets the idea across succinctly but it is not in the best taste and there is nothing clever or professional about it. Overly long names are also difficult to sell. It is easier to catch a client’s eye with a short and simple name than it is to catch their eye with something that wastes time getting the point across.

Another consideration is internet marketing. Print or word of mouth marketing is all about the professionalism of the name and the length. With internet marketing, one should consider what media will go well with the name. One should also consider how likely the name is to grab attention on social networks given that social media is the current go-to for internet marketing. A dog walker should look for a matching domain name (generally .com is easiest to remember) and available Twitter handle to make sure all marketing platforms match.

Lastly, there are legal considerations. Once a person has a list of potential names, he or she should check to see if those names are already copyrighted. A company can be sued for using the name of another company. Even if the mistake is handled in a friendly way, the company name will still have to be changed later, which can be costly in terms of marketing. In the end, naming a dog walking company is all about branding. What should potential clients think about when they think of this service? They certainly should not be thinking of a different company.