Most Popular Dog Costumes for Halloween 2010

Bee Costume for DogsMany people take their pets with them while trick-or-treating with their kids on Halloween. If you’re going to bring the dog, you might as well dress him (or her) up in a costume for dogs. Dog costumes include everything from super heroes to spooky spirits. Some of the most popular costumes reflect the individual pet’s personality and can be as simple as a knit sweater with a Halloween theme or as elaborate as a full body gown with matching shoes and hat.

If you know your dog’s personality well, as most devoted pet owners do, choosing a costume is easy. The most popular ones are the devil, angel, and jailbird outfits. These costumes are popular because they often perfectly reflect the pet’s unique disposition.

A popular choice for feminine dogs is the ready-made ballerina tutu that major retailers are offering. Other girl dog costumes include the cowgirl dog outfit and the Marie Antoinette dress. More masculine canines can dress up as a medieval knight, a policeman, or even the headless horseman, complete with saddle and hat. Unisex choices include the bumblebee and the panda. If you don’t want to spend the money on a ready-made costume, you can always make one. A simple way to adorn your pet is by making a festive hat or using a headband to create a pair of animal ears like bunny or reindeer ears.

So where can you purchase a Halloween costume for your dog? Pet and dog supply stores like Petco,, and Unleashed, as well as popular clothing stores like Old Navy, all sell costumes perfect for dogs.

If you’re going to bring the dog along for the trick -or-treat walk, you might as well dress your best friend up for the occasion. There are plenty of ways to include your pet in the fun.

(Old Navy bee costume pictured).