Monthly Newsletters Can Increase Business

Dog WalkerMonthly newsletters should be a dynamic tool for your dog walking business. Using your newsletter, you can tell some great stories, offer advice, and inform your customers about deals in a more informal setting. Your newsletter serves as a reminder to your clients that you are still thinking of them, and the newsletter email is more personal that Twitter and even Facebook.

Like you, your customers are busy and would likely prefer to read email on their own time. This is a less invasive measure than making service calls, because your clients are able to connect with your email on their own time. When you take the time to create a newsletter, you are giving those clients a prime opportunity to relate with when they are available.

It’s recommended that you send your newsletter no more than monthly. You should also use a professional newsletter service like┬áConstant Contact, which will help you keep track of your recipients and allow you to track how many people open your newsletter, unsubscribe, click links, and forward the newsletter to someone else. It’s VERY easy to create your newsletter with┬áConstant Contact.

Your monthly newsletter does not have to be (and shouldn’t be) a blatant advertisement. Instead, it should be a library of tips, tricks and advice for the dog lover. You could also tell stories from experience about the dog walking business. In a newsletter, the possibilities are endless. This information will build trust amongst your customers and may encourage others to become customers. In fact, it’s strongly recommended that you add a “forward to a friend” link so your customers can forward your newsletter to others who may not subscribe.

Give personal stories about your business that will help your clients feel more comfortable. The more comfortable that your clients feel, the more likely they are to recommend you to others. The newsletter that you send should be something extra, something exclusive. While not flooding your clients with advertisements, you should give your newsletter customers a little something extra as a reward for reading your newsletter.

A monthly newsletter provides the perfect opportunity to further communicate with your customers. They will love it when you give them something fun to read, like advice, real stories, and tips. Your newsletter will soon be the talk of the dog park!

Photo: Flickr