Monitor Your Website Downtime

Monitoring website downtime might not seem very important for a dog walker, and the truth is that you should monitor downtime just as stringently as any other online business owner. When your website is down, it can have many devastating effects on your dog walking business, especially if the downtime is extended. However, don’t think you have to constantly watch and reload your website. There are many tools that can help automate this task.

No Emails
If your email address is attached to your website, which it usually is, then having website downtime means that you will not receive emails. This means you might miss an email from an important client, or you might miss a scheduled appointment with a new client without knowing about it.

Since email is one of the most common ways for people to communicate with online business owners, missing an email can be devastating.

No Contact Info
Your contact info is on your website. When your website is down, people will not be able to see your contact info, so they will be unable to hire you for new dog walking jobs. This will put them in the arms of your competition, because they won’t be able to see your website.

Downtime is Expensive
Imagine a business closing its doors in the middle of the day, especially when there are customers at the front door. It seems pretty stupid, doesn’t it? This is expensive, because the business will commonly lose those customers.

It’s the same for website downtime. Since your website is your business’s front door, if it closes, then your business closes. Some people may even assume your website is down forever, and they will not come back.

Poor Credibility
When your dog walking website goes down, some people may erroneously blame you for the downtime. They will look upon this as poor website management, and they may think you are too irresponsible to handle their dog.

While downtime is rarely your fault, you can’t explain that to a customer who you will never see.

Monitoring Downtime
You could always monitor downtime by sitting at your computer all day as you constantly reload your website. However, this is impractical. A better way is to use a free monitoring tool such as or

Both of these websites have free plans, and they will email you whenever your website goes down. This enables you to take action, and it is the easiest way to monitor your website while you are out doing business.