Miami Dog Parks

Dog Run in MiamiDog owners in the greater Miami area (and elsewhere in Miami-Dade County) can take advantage of the perfect weather for outdoor activities by using one of the many available dog parks located throughout the city. Different types of dog parks offer different experiences for the dogs and owners.

Dog friendly parks permit the owner to bring their leashed dog, with proof of current registration and vaccination, for an outdoor excursion. Provided waste bags and waste baskets make it easy for the owners to clean up after their pets. Thirteen dog friendly parks are available, including Acadia Park, Kings Meadow Park and Biscayne Shores, and Gardens Park.

Usually part of a larger park, dog parks provide a fenced area for dogs to enjoy a variety of activities. Dog owners can use the available equipment for training their pet to perform stunts, or enjoy a quick cool down at one of the drinking water or water spray fountains. Northwest Regional Dog Park at East Greynolds Park, one of the three available dog parks, offers separate areas for small or large dogs.

Dog run parks provide the final type of recreational area suited for dogs. These parks have a fenced area entirely dedicated to allowing dogs to run free without leashes, but they do not provide the amenities such as bag dispensers, waste containers or water fountains. Two parks, Lago Mar Park and Tropical Park, provide this type of dog facility.

Take advantage of these wonderful parks to spend a day giving your canine friends the opportunity for some fun exercise and socialization. If you aren’t able to take your dog to the park, hire a Miami dog walker who will be happy to spend a few hours at your local park. Your dog will be very happy!

Photo: Flickr