Marketing Tip for Dog Walkers: YouTube

Make a MovieWhile everyone loves “word of mouth” advertising where friends refer friends to their service providers, sometimes this isn’t possible for dog walkers. ┬áThere are a number of ways dog walkers are able to market their services to dog owners to supplement referrals or when referrals aren’t as robust as necessary to provide enough business for a person.

Creating YouTube videos is a great way for a dog walker or dog walking company to advertise. Videos allow dog owners to get a personal connection to the dog walker even before they meet, helping to establish a bond and trust before a connection is made.

In the video(s), I recommend that the dog walker either teach something helpful or just offer an introduction to give visitors an idea about who the dog walker is and what experience he or she has. While it’s smart to convey the same message on a website, it’s much more powerful to do it over video. Not only will dog owners appreciate the effort, but Google, Yahoo, and Bing will love it and move it to the video section, giving more exposure.

When a dog walker does create a video, he or she should use proper tags, with keywords that will benefit the dog walker. For example, a New York City dog walker should use tags like “new york city dog walker,” “nyc dog walking,” “manhattan dog walker,” “dog walker on the upper west side.”