Learn More About Your Client Referrals

There are a number of ways dog walking services learn about DogWalker.com. Some companies simply come across our website when they perform a Google search for a specific keyword search term, and others are referred to us by industry trade organizations or friends. Whatever the case is, referrals are very important to the success of this website, and I appreciate every single referral.

I think it’s important to be able to accurately track referrals, and I hope you are tracking yours. I want to know how people learned about this website because it allows me to focus on improving other channels and it allows me to get a good idea of how dog walkers are finding the website. In fact, on the DogWalker.com sign up page, there is a field asking people how they found the website.

In my opinion, dog walkers and services should ask all prospective and new clients how they learned about their service. If they learned about it in Google, for example, it’s a good sign that the company’s website is optimized or that the Google business listing is effective. If a client is referred by another client, it might be nice to say “thank you” for the referral the next time you see that client. It’s always appreciated when people send their friends to you for new business. If a client finds you because of your DogWalker.com listing, I want you to know that you are spending your advertising dollars wisely! You get the idea about why a referral source is so important.

There are many reasons for why it is good to learn about how people were referred, and it’s important to ask. Sometimes people reply to the field on the DogWalker.com sign up form with a vague answer like “Internet.” This isn’t all that helpful because it doesn’t tell me whether they found this website on Google, Bing, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, or some other Internet based source. I like to ask more questions when I receive these replies because it helps me figure out where I should improve my focus when it comes to getting sign ups.

The next time someone tells you they were referred by the Internet or something else that is vague, it’s a great idea to follow up with them and ask them where on the Internet. If they tell you they were referred by a friend, ask them which friend! I hope your next client is referred to you by DogWalker.com, and if that is the case, I hope you are able to ask them the right questions in order to find that out!