Kickstarter Project: Simplifying Walking Your Dog

I want to share information about an interesting Kickstarter project I recently learned about. If you aren’t familiar with Kickstarter, it is crowdsourced funding platform, and visitors can fund various products or projects. I asked the inventor of ShaPooPee, a product that can benefit dog walkers, to discuss his product and why he turned to Kickstarter for its funding. Here’s what he had to say:

My name is Guido Bonelli, and I am the proud inventor of a new dog product I like to call ShaPooPee ™!! Let me explain what it is and how it helps, and why I need your help!

The Problem-

I love walking my dogs, it is something which I feel is very important for my pets’ well-being and fosters a close relationship with them. Seeing their little tails wag in the anticipation of going out makes me smile every single time!

However the one part which I do not enjoy is all the items which you need to carry when you take your pup out for a quick walk.

How many times have you gone out of the house and realized, “Uh…I forgot my poop bags”, or “my flashlight” or worse “my house keys”. Well, I solved the problem and want to bring it to the masses!

The ShaPooPee ™ Solution-

In an effort to combat this I turned to the internet, bought several items which I didn’t end up using as they were too bulky or would have required me to have custom jeans with 27 pockets to carry it all. This is when I decided enough is enough; I’m going to design my own dog walking utility tool.

The Features

1) Super Bright White LED flashlight to light your way or ummm… poop at night. Some words on the tech part! ShaPooPeeTM Sports a single super bright white 7150 mcd (milli-candella) LED, powered by a super-efficient lighting engine which slowly sips power from the replaceable 1.5V battery.

2) Built in spare Key/Money holder- Oh yeah I went there! Have you ever took your little guy or gal out in a hurry because he/she is doing the pee-pee spinning thingy. Just screaming “I can’t hold it much longer mom or dad!” So you just grab your furry kid, leash, a poop bag and close the door behind you. Only to return after your walk and realize you are locked out??? Don’t worry furry parent, we have all been there. I’ve even made the key storage compartment a wee bit over sized so you could fit up to 3 keys or 1 key and a few dollars. You never know when your walk may be a bit long and you need to buy yourself or your little guy/gal a drink.

3) Built In training treat storage area- Avoid losing out on training opportunities by always having training treats at hand. I’ve included an extra deep storage area for training treats when your on your walk or just out for a quick potty break.

The Doggy Poop Bag Issues…

Current dog waste bag holding dispensers all suffer from the same issues which are: tearing off a single bag, seeing how may bags are left and pinching the bags through a small hole. Lets look at how ShaPooPee fixes it all!

4) “I just want to rip off a bag easily”- I wanted a way to rip off the perforated bags easily, one at a time. Which isn’t so easy when your little guy is wrapping the leash around your legs in anticipation of a treat. So I’ve added a way to tear the bags by adding teeth to the bag dispensing area.

5) “Umm.. How many bags are left?” Have you ever taken your furry kid for a walk thinking that you have enough bags because you can see at least one coming out of the container? Only to find out mid-walk that you were actually looking at the last bag in the canister and now you’re out? What if you live in an area which fines you if you don’t pick up after your pet? I’ve seen people resort to some pretty “unique” ways of dealing with being out of bags and ummm… none of them are pretty. I fixed this by adding a window on the side of ShaPooPee which allows you to peek through and see exactly how many bags are left.

6) The bag loading conundrum- Current dog waste bag holders require you to load the fully rolled bags into the canister and pinch out the first one through a very small whole. This isn’t always the fastest thing to do when the “pee-pee, poo-poo dance” is in full swing.

By providing a slit all the way through the bag loading area, you are able unfurl the bags before placing them in the container and quickly load them in!

7) How do I carry it? ShaPooPeeTM is small and light enough to be carried via a wrist strap. So you can walk your dog with one hand and carry ShaPooPee TM with the other.

So Why do I need Kickstarter?

All parts thus far have been printed on my own 3D printer to allow for fast development time.

While my prototypes look and work great, they are not mass producible. Just one ShaPooPeeTM takes me about 8 hours to print and assemble!.

Now that the design is complete, I am ready to move to the next stage and create Injection molded parts! This is where your help comes in. In order to make my dream come true of bringing it to the masses, I need help. Please visit my kickstarter campaign to help make ShaPooPee come to life.