Keep Your Dog Hydrated on a Walk

Dog HydrationHydration is very important for a dog on a walk — just as it is for a person who is participating in a sport or an athletic event. Remember, the walk may be the only exercise that the dog gets in the day, and he may exert himself to the max when he has the opportunity. If this is the case, it will not be in good enough shape to just go on a walk without the proper nutrition and hydration.

A walk that may seem short and easy to a person can actually be quite strenuous for some dogs. Even if the weather isn’t particularly hot outside, many dogs have thick fur coats and can overheat more easily than a person can under the same conditions. Dehydration is a bad thing for dogs, and by the time you can see that your dog is dehydrated, it may be too late.

Hydration is the key to athletic health. Dogs need this even more than they need to eat. They can often be fine on a walk and eat when they come back; they need to have water before and during the walk. If you’re going for a long walk, be sure to carry a water bottle if there won’t be a hose or water bowl where you go. If your dog can’t drink straight from the bottle, be sure to bring a container from which he can drink. Most dog parks will have a water source from which the dog can drink (make sure you give fresh water that hasn’t been sitting around though).

It is best to get the dog to drink before you leave, though this may not be easy to do, since it’s tough to get a dog to drink on command! ┬áIf your dog is properly hydrated it will be happier, livelier, and healthier.

Photo: Flickr