Keep a Dog Walker’s Contact Info Handy

Many dog owners don’t rely on the services of a dog walker on a regular basis. For whatever reason, they just don’t need to have their dog walked by a professional. This may be good for them, but they should make sure they have the contact information for a local dog walking service in the event a need arises.

Some dog walking services, especially those operated by larger companies, require a meet and greet prior to engaging in services. This is to ensure the dog walker and dog get along well. Unfortunately, this does not work out well for dog owners who need a dog walker immediately.

It’s recommended that dog owners make contact with a local dog walker in the event the need arises. Even if you need to pay for the introduction session, it’s important to have a dog walker’s contact information handy. In the event that a dog owner need the services of a dog walker, it will be good to have the name and number of one on hand.