Interview with Orlando Dog Walker Amanda Fry

Amanda Fry is a dog walker in Orlando, Florida. I had a chance to ask Amanda some questions about her business and why she became a dog walker. Hope you enjoy this brief interview with Amanda!

1) What do you like best about your job?

Working with animals, helping out fellow animal lovers, and making extra $$$ are three things that I love doing. It’s a win-win-win situation. It’s also great for networking and making new friends.

2) How did you start your business and why?

Well, being that I am a dog owner myself (I have a 3 year old border collie named Apollo), I also need occasional help with my dog when I am away. I did some research and found that there really aren’t that many dog walkers/sitters available in Orlando. Although, there are pleanty of kennels around. My experience with kennels makes me very uncomfortable. So, I only use kennels as last resort.

You see, I worked in a reputable kennel part-time while I was in high school. During the day dogs have a blast. The times that they are caged during the day is a chance at napping for most. On the other hand, they are locked in the cages and all alone during the night. If your dog/s are anything like mine, they don’t like being alone in those cages all night. In fact, this type of treatment creates a feeling of punishment for dogs.

Also, kennels are not sanitary. Dogs are exposed to several doggie germs and illness in the kennels. Many times you will have to follow up their stay at the kennel with a visit to the vet, to cure a cold, kennel cough, and/or diahrrea from the parasites that they picked up from the kennel. In conclusion, I started up my business to give people an option to kennels.

3.) What’s your favorite dog park in your area and why?

Fleet Peeples in Winter Park, FL. This dog park is amazing! It’s huge and it has a beach on the lake for the dogs to play. There are also nature trails and wide open fields. Provided are stations to bath the dogs (at no charge).

4) If you could offer advice to someone looking to start a dog walking business, what would it be?

Distribute as many fliers as possible!

5) Please share a funny story with us!

Hmmm… I will have to get back to you on this one.