Interview with Kelly Barre, Portland Dog Walker

Kelly Barre is a dog walker in Portland, Oregon. Prior to becoming a dog walker, Kelly had spent 15 years in computer software business. I had the opportunity to ask Kelly some questions about her business and why she became a dog walker. Hope you enjoy this brief interview with Kelly… and remember, if you’re looking for a dog walking company in Portland, OR, visit the Go Dog Go PDX listing on

1) What do you enjoy most about your new career?

I love the freedom to get outside and not be stuck behind a desk all day. I also love the challenge of learning how to build a business.

2) Can you offer any advice to others who want to start a dog walking business?

I would advise that they find a mentor, someone in their area who has been in the business for awhile. I have received many referrals that way. I would also advise looking for professional consultation to learn about the aspects of the business particularly in areas that you may not be familiar with like advertising or having an online presence.

3) What is a typical day like for you?

Starts with a morning sunrise walk on Tabor with my dog and any dogs that I may be boarding. After that, some walks throughout the city and visits for any drop ins. Once my walks are done I get to enjoy the flexibility of being a dog walker. My day ends with any night visits to tuck dogs in while their owners are away.

4) Where is your favorite park to take your dog clients?

Mt. Tabor! Lots of trails, great views of the city and Mt. Hood and an off leash play area.

5) Do you have any dog walking pet peeves, and if so, what can people do to avoid them?

I don’t have any pet peeves yet, but I would say the best advice I can give to a Portland dog walker is to get a pair of comfortable, waterproof shoes!