In The event of an Emergency – Call My Dog Walker!

Red Bank, NJ Dog Walker

Michelle Orr Motzenbecker is a Certified Dog Walker, is registered, bonded & insured, is certified in pet first aid & CPR and is an active member of PSI & NAPPS. Michelle owns & operates a dog walking business in Red Bank, NJ called Time To Go Pet Care LLC where she does one on one and small pack walks as well as in home pet sitting and pet taxi services.

Recently, I was driving in the car and I heard an Onstar commercial where a man was having chest pains while driving and he told the dispatcher that his dog was in the car with him and he wanted to make sure that the dog was taken care of once help arrived.

This got me thinking about my dogs, “What if we were in a car accident? What would happen to my dogs?”  My husband and I take them all over, to parks, the beach, out for ice cream on occasion, etc.  I decided that I should have some kind of information about them in the car in case of an emergency.  With that said, I created an information sheet and I encourage other dog owners to do so as well if you take your dogs on car rides.

The information sheet should include your pet’s name, a description (if you have multiple dogs) any special care needed, and who to contact if you or your family (depending who is in the car) is injured or incapacitated. Make sure it reads that those contacts will pay for the dog’s care, and not to take your dog to a shelter. This way, if you are ever in an accident and not able to take care for your dogs, at least you know someone will be contacted.  Listing three contacts is a good idea.  Be sure to include names, addresses, phone numbers, and your relationship to that person.  You can laminate the sheet or put it into a plastic page sleeve so that it stays protected.

The obvious people to include as an emergency contact would be your significant other, a family member, or a neighbor, but why not include your dog walker?  Your dog walker knows a lot about your dog and he or she has access to your home as well as your dog’s veterinarian information plus a release form for veterinary care.  Your dog walker may also be versed in any special needs or protocols that you have in place with your dog, whereas your neighbor or a relative not residing in the home with the dog may not.

When I meet with a new client, I usually tell them that one of my goals as their dog walker is to make their lives easier, having a dog walker as an emergency contact is just one more value added service.  I have a dog walker from another company that I use for my dogs when the occasion arises that I need to be away from home for long hours, and she is listed as one of my emergency contacts.