Leave Your Dog with an In-Home Pet Sitter

Pet SittingMany dog owners think they have three options when they travel. They can leave their pet with a friend or relative, they can put their dog in a kennel, or they can travel with their dog. Fortunately, there is another option, which is easier on both dog and owner. That option is hiring a pet sitter to stay with the dog at home.

Pet sitters fall into two categories. There are individuals who sit with pets on a freelance basis, and there are companies that offer professional pet-sitting services. There are advantages to working with one individual who knows and loves the dog and who may charge slightly less.

However, working with a professional dog sitting company offers more advantages for most dogs and their owners. Because dog-sitting companies are small, dogs quickly learn to know and love any sitter. A company will always have someone available to sit, whereas an individual may have scheduling conflicts. Hiring a dog-sitting firm provides more assurance about the reliability and capability of the sitter. Finally, a dog-sitting business is likely to be around for a long-term relationship. An individual sitter may move or change circumstances.

Dog owners considering hiring a sitter may wonder about the cost. Hiring an in-home sitter is surprisingly affordable. Rates nationwide vary from around $40-$80 per day. Most in-home sitters offer a rate in the middle of that range. Compared to an overnight kennel, in-home sitters are very reasonably priced and let dogs stay at home rather than in an impersonal cage with unfamiliar people.

Who should hire an in-home dog sitter? Families going on vacation, especially for an extended stay, may consider having someone stay with their dog rather than boarding him. Single pet owners who travel frequently can definitely take advantage of an in-home sitter. Couples without children, who pamper their pups like babies, will definitely want to look into a sitter to stay with their pet while they’re away.

Whether for an overnight or for a week or more, an in-home sitter lets a pup stay home, enjoy his own bed, eat his own food and play in his own backyard. Hiring a sitter to stay in the home reduces the stress on the dog and on his owners, and helps owners take excellent care of their dogs even when they’re not home. The biggest danger is that the dog won’t want the sitter to leave.

Photo: Flickr