Important Paperwork Dog Owners Should Keep Handy

Dog Visiting VeterinarianOwning a dog is a full time commitment and pet owners should be prepared in the event that their dog is in need of veterinarian assistance or other emergency care. To be ready for these unforeseen circumstances dog owners should be vigilant with regards to their dog’s papers since most veterinarians, dog daycares, kennels, and even some dog walkers will require them before giving service. Knowing where these documents are safely kept can help save time, money, and frustration in the future.

One set of paperwork that an dog owner will want to keep track of is the dog’s registration with the city and state, if they are required. Not being able to show that the dog is registered can get owners fined. In some places there are certain things that a dog can only do if it has been registered. These include being able to enter city parks with a dog and using dog daycare service providers.

Dates and lists of shots are also important to have handy. Without these records it will not be possible to get a dog registered or receive a license to have one. This will require the dog to receive the shots again at the expense of the owner. It is also important to maintain up-to-date information of the type of medication a dog is taking. Vets may need the information in the case of an emergency and dog services such boarding will also need the information to take care of the dog in the owners absence. Dog daycare centers and kennels may also require that the dog owner have this paperwork handy.

All of these can be especially important in the event of moving. If a dog should need to visit a new vet, it would be best to be able to provide that vet with the most recent information regarding the dog.

Photo: Flick