How to Train Your Dog to Not Bite the Leash When Walking

Leash TrainingLeash training is often one of the most difficult parts of training your dog. Dogs love to bite on leashes, as they make great chew toys for teething dogs, and it can be annoying for a dog owner or dog walker. However, this is a problem that can turn serious if it is not taken care of quickly, and it can go on for an extended period of time if a young puppy isn’t leash trained.

If you (or your dog walker) use a nylon leash, dogs can sometimes chew right through the leash and break it when walking. Below you will find some helpful tips for training your dog to not bite on the leash while walking.

First of all, consider purchasing a different kind of leash. If you typically use nylon leashes, try using a metal chain leash for a while. Dogs won’t chew on these, and if they try, they will realize that it is not possible. This may break your dog’s habit of chewing on the leash when walking. You can also purchase a heavy duty nylon leash to ensure a dog biting the leash doesn’t rip it.

Spraying sour apple spray on the leash where your dog bites it is a tactic that may also work for you. Most dogs don’t like this spray and it will keep them from biting the leash. This also works on other household items that your dog might bite as well.

The best tactic is to work with your dog to get him to stop biting the leash. Each time he starts to bite the leash, stop walking and get your dog’s attention. Let him know that that is not appropriate behavior. Reward positive behavior with treats and praise.

When our dog bites her leash infrequently, we will drop the leash and step on it, not moving until she drops the leash. Once she lets go, we resume our walk. We continue to do this until she understands it’s not appropriate.

Your dog will eventually learn that biting on the leash is not an acceptable behavior.

Photo: Flickr