How to Find a Local Dog Walker

If you’re looking for a dog walker in your area, will have listings for people who offer this service locally. This is just the starting point of your search, though. You will want to speak to some of the local dog walkers, and check on their level of experience before you hire one.

Many people consider their dogs as part of their family, and if they are leaving on a trip where the dog cannot come with them, or if they are just working late for a few nights in a row, they will want their best friend well taken care of. After you find the names of dog walkers in your area, be sure you ask for their references, and call previous customers, if their contact information is available, to find out if they were happy with the service by the person or the company you are looking into.

Dog walking sounds simple enough, but your potential dog walker needs to know how your dog is accustomed to being walked – on a harness, with a choker chain, any information that is pertinent to them. They will also need to know the best place near your home to take your dog walking, perhaps a local dog park. And it’s a good idea to have someone meet your dog before they walk him, to make sure there is a good chemistry between them. This may take some time, but it’s worth it, so that you’ll find a suitable surrogate for times when you’re not available for your dog.

Walking is a healthy way for your dog to exercise. You can hire a dog walker for a set period of time per day or per week. Most people prefer that their dog be walked twice a day, and you may want to check and see if your dog walker will also feed and water your dog and clean his crate or kennel, if he has one. If nothing else, make sure the dog walker provides plenty of fresh water for your dog. Most reputable dog walkers with do this, just relying on common sense. Check up on any potential dog walker before you hire one, to be sure your dog will be safely and properly treated.