How Square Can Help Dog Walkers

Business owners across the globe have been blessed with a convenient device that will make their transactions free from hassle. Square is a small device, no larger than a postage stamp, that allows merchants to sell their products and services at the drop of a dime. I think it makes collecting payments on time easier.

It can be conveniently attached to a smart phone or tablet. You can then use Square to instantly swipe the credit or debit card of a customer, providing a simple payment that will post to your account within one or two business days. Customers provide their signature by etching it out on the touch screen. Instead of hoping for a check to clear or awaiting a Paypal payment, your client will be able to pay right away.

The novelty of this device and application is that it’s wonderful for those who are constantly on the go. Freelance merchants like dog walkers will benefit from the ease of securing a payment with any potential customer. Not having to fiddle with cash opens the door to new clientele and a more thriving business. Cards have become an increasingly more common method of payment, and some people use them exclusively. Square allows for all the benefits of a stationary register and computer system on the go.

A dog walker will be able to meet her next client and accept payment without having to carry anything larger than a phone. This enables her to do her job with simplicity and and satisfaction. Square is also a cinch to set up. You can have the device sent to you free of charge, and the application will download to your phone or tablet within minutes. If you own a dog walking service, I recommend getting the device for your walkers and paying for them to download the app.

In no time you can take advantage of all that Square has to offer, and the best part is that there are no hidden fees or contracts. You’re not locked into any scary commitment, so don’t hesitate to give it a shot. In our rapidly expanding world of technology, innovations like Square only make it easier to enjoy our lives and live to our fullest potential.

In case you are wondering, Square was founded by Jack Dorsey, who is probably more well known for founding Twitter.

If you’ve been considering opening your own dog walking business, Square will help you on your journey, and it will ensure that you collect more of the money you earn with less of the hassle.