How Often a Dog Should Be Walked

Frequency of Dog WalksThe question of how often a dog should be walked is a tricky one, since it depends largely on the breed and energy level of the dog. I will try to give you some advice here, so you’ll know how often to walk your dog – or to recommend to your dog walking clients.

More energetic dogs, such as terriers or spaniels, need to be walked several times a day to release some of their energy. This is also true of larger breeds, like labs or golden retrievers. Walking is a great way to give your dog some exercise and stay fit and trim. Younger dogs will be less destructive at home (biting furniture, tearing things, barking, chewing…etc) if they are able to expend their energy outside.

Smaller or older, less active breeds do not need to be walked quite so frequently. They can often play indoors and still get the exercise they need. However, a general rule for walking your dog is to take him or her out at least two times a day, regardless of breed, energy level, or size. This gives the dog a chance to exercise, play, and take care of business while outside.

In many ways, dogs are just like people in the sense that if they do not get the exercise they need, they are less healthy and have less energy overall. Every dog needs to be walked on a regular basis in order to ensure optimal health and happiness for your furry friend.

Photo: flickr