How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need?

Dogs are very intelligent animals and need constant physical and mental stimulation in order to be happy and well-adjusted. Regular dog exercise and training is beneficial to your dogs health. A routine and thorough dog workout that includes exercise will keep your dog in lean shape along with benefiting vitality and health.

It is instinctual for dogs to run, obey, and play with humans and other dogs. As a general rule of thumb, dog’s should have about sixty minutes per day of exercise and about fifteen minutes worth of obedience training. These time frames are only a general view and should be adjusted depending on the age, weight, and breed of the dog.

Many dogs who are overly bored from not having enough mental stimulation and/or physical exercise can be very destructive and unruly. This is especially true if the dog is younger, since younger dog’s have a tendency to need an outlet for excess energy. If you have a young dog that is rather unruly, be sure that he or she is getting enough exercise and mental stimulation. A dog who is tired from exercising can not put much effort into being destructive around the home.

Dog health depends on plenty of fun and energetic exercise. Certain breeds need more or less exercise than others. For instance, many herding or working breeds need more exercise than others. Puppies, as stated before, need more time and effort put into their exercise routine than older dogs. Many of the more mellow breeds of dogs will probably calm down by the age of two. Sometimes these breeds take longer and sometimes not. Certain breeds that are high energy, such as boxers, may remain very active even after the age of two. Each dog is unique and should be treated as such when it comes to their individual exercise routine.

Dog owners who are unable to give their dogs the exercise that’s needed should considering hiring a dog walker or dog runner to take their dogs out. The cost of the dog walker is certainly worth it!