How Much Dog Walkers Are Paid

Dog Walker salaryProfessional dog walkers can earn a very decent income. Depending on the city (or even the neighborhood) and time of year, they can really make a nice amount of money for their efforts. The following is a brief analysis of the basic prices that dog walkers can expect to charge their clients. Keep in mind that this is really varies depending on the city where the dog walker works.

A walk that lasts between 15 and 20 minutes usually nets about $15 to $20. A walk that lasts a half hour to 40 minutes can net about $18 to $25. A walk that lasts between 40 minutes and an hour can get $22 to $30. Prices go up if there are more dogs going on the same walk, although prices will go down a bit if the dogs aren’t owned by the same person. The usual price for an add-on dog can range from around $5 to $15, depending on the location. A dog walker can charge an average of $5 more if he is walking the dog in the early morning or late evening.

Some services bill based on the number of walks per week. For example, 5 walks per week may be $15 per walk, while a single walk per week could cost $20. Dog walkers may offer discounts to clients if they walk their dog every day of the week or provide multiple walks per week.

The average dog walker walks typically walks a single dog at a time. Some dog walkers do walk more than one dog, especially those who work for a dog walking service where it’s permitted.

Dog walkers can earn a nice amount of money each year. This is especially true if they consider themselves professional dog walkers and maximize their time dog walking instead of just walking to earn a little extra income on the side if they’re a student or something of that nature. A person can do up twelve visits per day, and each of those visits might just be 30 minutes, and that is a full time job. If each visit nets $15, then that person could make $180 per day. That would be close to $50,000 per year if they work 5 days a week.

The good news it that people need their dogs walked during all seasons, and especially on holidays. Some people don’t like summer weather, and others don’t like winter weather, and a dog walker can make a neat profit playing off of different peoples’ temperaments when it comes to temperature. People are especially busy on holidays and need someone to walk the dogs.

You must keep in mind that this does not take any costs into consideration. Professional dog walkers should have an insurance policy and bonding, which can be expensive. Training programs may also have been expensive, especially if the dog walker is enrolled in continuing education courses to keep up to date on new techniques or things like pet CPR. Also, Many dog walkers need to use a car, train, or the subway to get to clients, and those can be very expensive.

Dog walking may not seem like a lucrative business, but it can be financially rewarding to those who love dogs and want to spend their time with dogs.

Photo: Flickr