How and When to Tip the Dog Walker

Dog WalkingDog walkers occupy the same realm of personal service providers such as babysitters, hair stylists and cab drivers or chauffeurs. Well, most people don’t have chauffeurs but almost all dog owners do use the services of dog walkers. As with most service providers, the question of tipping often comes up including how much and when.

Regular clients, ones that have standing appointments, should give a Christmas tip and whenever small extra services are provided. If you’ve asked the dog walker to give medicine to your pup while it’s getting over an upset stomach or a minor injury, it’s good to let the walker know you value his help with your pooch by offering a little extra. It’s also good to tip your dog walker if he or she spent extra time in the dog run, knowing your dog needed the additional exercise.

Every dog walker has clients that aren’t regulars but who do call with some degree of regularity. These are the people that travel for business or the telecommuters who occasionally have to go into the office. If it’s business as usual, tipping isn’t required. However, if a surprise out-of-town trip or an unexpected situation occurs and a dog walker is needed on little notice, tipping is recommended. When a dog walker goes out of his way to¬†accommodate¬†a dog owner’s needs, a tip is very appropriate.

If the dog walker has gone above simply walking your dog, then a tip generally should be provided to show appreciation. Most dog walkers will inform you of their fees regarding special services such as transportation to and from veterinary and dog grooming appointments However, if you’ve asked the dog walker for other minor services, tipping is a good idea.

Regular customers should tip at year end at about the cost of one week of the regularly scheduled fee. Infrequent customers should tip in the amount of one or two day’s walking fee. Otherwise, most tips should be 10-20% of the daily fee. Tipping a dog walker isn’t mandatory, but it’s always appreciated.

Photo: Flickr