Holiday Tipping For Dog Walkers

Christmas DogsOur dogs can become just like family. Affectionate, loyal and engaging, it’s no wonder that our furry friends find a special place in our hearts. That’s why the dog-walkers we choose to care for them are so important. We trust them with our precious four-legged companions, to be professional and nurturing, and to keep them safe in our absence. So why not say thank you to your dog walker around the holidays? Last year we discussed giving a Christmas tip to a dog walker, and we have more insight to share this year!

What To Tip?

The tip can vary depending on quality of service and length of time the dog walker has worked for you. Typically, it’s advised to tip in the amount of about one week’s pay, and/or give a small gift. But you should not feel at all pressured to give that much if it doesn’t work for your financial situation. A good idea is to set a reasonable budget for this tip that works for you. A small gift, baked goods or a personal note would be thoughtful, appreciated and appropriate, because this is meant to be a thank-you.

What Sort Of Gift To Give?

There are many choices of thoughtful presents to give your dog walker. If you know your they have a book they’ve been meaning to read, a favorite sports team, or a particular hobby, the gift can be tailored for them individually. These can be given in addition to or in lieu of a cash gift. If you’re not sure of what they like, some safe choices are, but not limited to:

  • warm gloves
  • portable coffee mug
  • ear muffs
  • gift cards
  • ear buds
  • baked goods
  • coffee beans and pods or tea
  • wine or alcoholic beverages

Your dog walker has an important job. Walking dogs is so much more than walking around the block tugging on a leash. Dog walkers must be professional, organized individuals who are both dog-lovers and people-oriented. Remember to say thank you to the person who gives your dog exercise and entertainment, and you priceless peace of mind.

Photo: Flickr