Hiring a Dog Walker vs. Doggie Day Care

If you’ve boarded your dog before, or taken him to a doggie day program while you’re at work, you may feel like he’s getting the attention he deserves, when you can’t provide it, due to scheduling issues. But at Doggie Daycare businesses, your dog will in fact be just one of possibly many dogs the people have to handle. In addition, he may be exposed to diseases like kennel cough, if the business owners don’t require vaccination records.

If you let your dog stay home while you’re away, and hire a dog walker to come to exercise him, your dog won’t be stressed out by an unfamiliar environment. He’ll miss you, of course, but the familiarity of his surroundings will help him to deal with that. In addition, the time spent with one dog walker can be a beneficial bonding experience for your dog, so that he doesn’t have to pine away for you as much, when you’re not home.

You probably have a favorite place where you and your dog walk, on normal days when you have the time to walk him. This is probably a favorite place for your dog, too, and you can show your dog walker the route your dog likes to take, and if he likes to visit anyone (human or canine) during his walks.

If your dog usually gets a lot of exercise, you can even hire a dog-runner, who can give your dog the workout he is accustomed to. Hiring a dog walker to come to your home, and also to feed and water your dog, will give them an excellent chance to meet each other. In addition, if there are dog parks nearby that your dog especially likes, you can make sure that’s on his route on the days you’re not home with him. He should become friends with your dog walker, so that time away from you can be less stressful for him.