Hiring a Dog Walker vs. Dog Day Care

Many people consider their dogs to be a precious part of their family. Deciding whether to hire a dog walker, or to take your pet to a dog daycare can be a big decision to make. Therefore, it is best to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before making one.

A dog day care center has the benefit of giving your dog attention while you cannot. You dog will also be able to socialize amongst other dogs of different sizes. Additionally, your dog will be fed on a normal schedule if necessary, and if you run late, most dog daycares are able to provide for your dog, giving you added flexibility.

These daycare advantages comes with a number of disadvantages. At a dog day care center, your dog will be just one of the many dogs that need to be cared for. It is likely that it will not get the full attention that it craves. Not only that, but your dog has a greater chance of being exposed to illnesses by other dogs, although most dog daycares screen for illness and other infectious diseases.

A dog walker can be a good solution if you are willing to let your dog stay home while you are away. The dog walker will take your dog to the bathroom, as well as get it some exercise. Although the dog will be with a dog walker instead of a family member, it will not be placed in an unfamiliar environment. The familiarity with its surroundings should keep it from being stressed. Not only that, but it will also help your dog to become friendly around other people. This will make it easier for the dog each time you are not able to be there.

In terms of cost, hiring a dog walker is usually much cheaper than paying for dog daycare. Dog daycare centers have to charge more because they house your dog on a full-time basis and provide more attention than a dog walker can. Most dog walkers are flexible and can give your dog extra attention or exercise if requested. Hiring a regular dog walker can be a good solution if you’re out during the day.