Hire a Dog Walker for Thanksgiving & Black Friday

Thanksgiving, though a time of delight and celebration, can be a stressful time. Revelers wishing to host a spectacular meal complete with turkey, gravy, ham, stuffing, vegetables, fruits, desserts and football will have to get an early start. Those doubling down on holiday duty might also choose to brave the crowds during Black Friday. Those two days alone is enough to spend the weekend in bed.

With so much planning and preparation to be done, something invariably gets overlooked. Purchasing the food, ingredients and writing an extensive shopping list is one way to get organized. But those taking on so much responsibility can easily be caught off-guard when they realize their furry friends will be copped-up for hours on end during the festivities.

What to do about Fido? Kennel him? That will be a costly stay over the holiday. Perhaps send him out to the backyard. But how many hours will he spend pacing, waiting to indulge what his nose detects? Maybe, put him up or down stairs while the feast goes on? But that’s really no different than leashing him outside.

Rather than banish man’s best friend into the backyard or some empty room in the house, make plans for his holiday happiness as well. Take time to hire a dog walker before the holidays are upon you and available dog walkers are either off to celebrate with their family and friends or are booked-solid.

How to Hire a Dog Walker:

First, start with references/recommendations from family, friends and coworkers. Compile a list of possible fits and contact each one. Ask about scheduling and explain your dog’s bread and temperament. This will help the walker to get idea of your dog’s personality. Schedule at least one walk before the holidays to allow the two to get familiar. A couple of times out with a walker can make all the difference in the world. A full list of tips to hire a dog walker can be found on DogWalker.com.

When to Hire a Dog Walker:

Start looking a couple of weeks before the holidays, but you can usually find one up to a few days prior to the holidays. Keep in mind, the closer the date, the less the availability for the dog walking service. You may be in luck if a dog walker already has walks scheduled in your neighborhood. If you get in a bind, you might want to ask your neighbors with dogs if they’re using a dog walker, and if so, perhaps the dog walker wouldn’t mind taking more than one dog for a walk at a time.