High Temps? Bring WATER!

Dog drinking waterWhen the summer temperatures are hitting highs and breaking records, most people wouldn’t thinking about leaving their home without a bottle of water or other cold beverage. At the very least, bringing money to purchase a bottle of water or can of soda is important. If you’re thirsty because of the weather, chances are good your dog is thirsty as well, and you should make sure you have water for him to drink. Even if you are not thirsty, your dog will be thirsty!

Don’t forget, just carrying a bottle of water for your dog isn’t enough. You’ll also need to bring along something he can drink out of since it can be difficult to drink from a water bottle, especially if it’s poured out. Frankly, more water gets poured on the ground than in his mouth when you try that method (it will work if that’s all you have, but you should be prepared).

Most pet supply shops will have collapsible water bowls that can easily fit into a purse or a backpack. If you often put your pooch in the car to head to the park, keep a water bowl in your car so it’s always on hand when your dog is thirsty. Some parks have water access for both people and dogs, but until you’re familiar with the local parks, don’t assume that you’ll be able to get a drink while you’re there, especially when there is construction. You can also use a cup from a restaurant – that may even be easiest depending on where you are when thirst strikes.

Many dog owners think that if they leave a bowl of water out for their dog, the dog will drink as much as they need. Some dogs, though, get too much water while others don’t hydrate often enough. Personally, I like to give my dog ice cubes because she loves playing with and chewing the ice, and it’s a fun way to keep her hydrated.

As a general rule of thumb, your dog should drink between half an ounce and one ounce of water for every pound of body weight per day. Puppies drink about half a cup of water every two hours to stay healthy. In the summertime, dogs pant more because they’re hot and, in turn, need more water than during the colder months. After exercising your dog, give him small amounts of water at a time.

This rule of thumb isn’t limited to just playing outside. Your dog needs water throughout the day, wherever he is. If you’re spending the night with your dog at a friend’s house, you’ll need to bring a water bowl there for him. Just because it’s not hot in the house doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need plenty of water to stay hydrated.

This may be obvious to you, or you might not think it’s important, but when you’re walking your dog, you should be sure to carry water for you, too. If you want to stay healthy and feel good while outside in the summer, make sure you have enough water for you, too.

Photo: Flickr