Hickory Makes History at Westminster

Westminster Kennel ClubFor the first time in its 135-year history, the Westminster Kennel Dog Show rewarded a Scottish Deerhound with the title of Best in Show. Hickory (officially named GCH Foxcliffe Hickory Wind) was picked over 2,000 other purebred show dogs who gathered at Madison Square Garden in New York City, NY for the annual competition.

Resembling its better-known relatives the Irish Wolfhound and Greyhound, the Scottish Deerhound is a tall dog with long, wiry hair. They are large dogs, but agile. Used by Scottish nobility, they have the ability to chase and run down deer in a matter of minutes. As a result, they developed a personality that combines focus and dignity with high energy and playfulness.

In fact, it was her dignity and poise that gave five-year-old Hickory the edge. Judge Paolo Dondina described her as “a most perfect creature of heaven.” Her handler, Angela Lloyd, said Hickory “showed like she’s never shown before.“ This was particularly impressive given her unfamiliar and overwhelming surroundings.

This was Hickory’s last show before retirement, regardless of the outcome. Her post-victory rounds include a steak dinner at Sardi’s and a trip to the Empire State Building. Afterwards, her owners plan to return her to their 56-acre Virginia farm and begin having puppies.

Scottish Deerhound Photo: Flickr