Help Saving Shelter Pets Win Pepsi Refresh Grant

Saving Shelter Pets
Saving Shelter Pets (SSP) is excited to be in the running for a $25,000 grant through the Pepsi Refresh Project this October. This grant money will provide enough funding to sponsor monthly spay & neuter clinics for approximately 2 years, providing a much-needed service to low-income families in rural Murray County, Georgia. By taking only 2 minutes each day to vote for this grant submission, you can make a difference in so many lives!

To win the $25,000 grant, an organization needs to finish in the Top 10 by October 31st. Saving Shelter Pets is currently in 3rd place, so this grant is well within reach for the animals of Murray County! They have teamed up this month with four other deserving animal organizations so that all 5 groups can strive towards a total of $625,000 in grant funding for companion pets and wildlife. Please support all 5 groups in their missions to provide the care and love that all animals deserve. These groups are Saving Shelter Pets, DaisyCares, Blind Cat Rescue, Wild Bird Fund Inc, and Clark County Humane.

Each individual may vote 3 times a day, every day, throughout the month for all 5 of these organizations. Use this easy link as your quick “one-stop” online voting point:

~~~~~~ *1* Vote Online (EMAIL)~~~~~~

1) Go to

2) On the bottom left corner (blue bar), click on the “Sign In” button

3) Type in your e-mail address and be sure to select “No, I am new Here” (unless you already have an account)

4) Select “Sign In” to move to the next screen & complete the requested info (only takes 1 minute to register!)

5) Complete all of the requested information

6) Click “Done” to complete your registration

7) VOTE for ALL 5 animal organizations listed. It’s quick and simple.

~~~~~~ *2* Vote Online (FACEBOOK) ~~~~~~

1 ) Sign into Facebook

2) Then go to

3) Click “Vote for This Idea” on any of the alliance members listed

4) Click the blue “Login in with Facebook” button

5) VOTE for ALL 5 organizations listed. It’s quick and simple. Just click all 5 “Vote for this Idea” buttons.

6) If you have extra time, go to each group’s page and leave a comment to let them know you’re voting for them!

~~~~~~ *3* Vote by TEXTING ~~~~~~

1) Compose text messages TO: 73774

2) In the message section, type: 102190 ( this is Saving Shelter Pets’ number)

3) Hit SEND

Sign up for a daily email reminder to vote throughout October:

Thank you in advance for your support in making October the month for the animals! 🙂