Health Benefits of Dog Walking

Health Benefits of Dog WalkingWalking a dog is not only a great way to give your pet some exercise, but it is also a very healthy activity for you. Being outside and getting some sunshine is important for your well-being, and dog walking is a great way to get some extra activity. Just a few minutes a day of playing outside with a dog can positively impact your health. Having positive contact with animals is also good for your emotional well-being.

If you are walking a dog on a regular basis, you can really dog good things for your heart. Most dogs can keep up with just about any pace you set, so feel free to walk briskly… just watch out for roots and rocks if you’re on a path or off road, and watch out for ruts and potholes if you’re on the street.

If you are in great shape, you might want to try dog jogging or running with a dog. Most dogs will love it, but they will need to be well disciplined, so they don’t run off to track a scent or cross in front of your path. You should also think about using a retractable leash to give your dog some slack. Just remember that some short nosed dogs might find it tough to keep up, and if your dog is slowing down, respect his or her limitations.

Dog walking is an excellent way to get some extra activity, and can be great for your health, especially when you are doing it regularly. You can enjoy the health benefits of dog walking and spend quality time with your pet simply by going outside for a few minutes each day. It’s one reason just about all dog walkers are in good shape.

Photo: Flickr