Have a Back Up Dog Walker

Dog WalkerYou’ve probably taken time to select and hire a capable and caring dog walker to look after your four legged family member. It’s a great feeling to know that your dog will always be in good hands on his or her dog walks.

Unfortunately, there are always going to be the occasional time when your dog walker is sick, on vacation, or has a scheduling conflict that will prevent him or her from walking your dog. Although many dog walking services have more than one dog walker on staff to cover an absence, many dog owners work with individual dog walkers or small dog walking services that don’t have many options.

It’s important for you to have a back up plan and/or a back up dog walker in case your dog walker can’t walk your dog as scheduled.

If you use a dog walking service, you should find out about their plans in case a dog walker is out sick or on vacation. Make sure there is coverage for your dog walks. If you work with an independent dog walker, ask him or her if there’s a back up just in case, and make sure you know and trust that back up before the time comes to use him or her. Be sure the back up is trustworthy, good with your dog, and is bonded and insured – just in case.

If your dog walker does not have an adequate or acceptable back up plan, you should create one yourself. Contact other dog walking services in the area and let them know you use a regular dog walker but need to have an emergency back up. Most companies are happy to accomodate you because they’d love to have your business. If you can’t find a back up, look for a dog daycare facility that you could bring your dog on short notice. Many will require that you have your dog’s health records on hand, so you may want to drop those off in advance.

You won’t want to miss work or a special event because your dog walker is ill or can’t make it to walk your dog. Having a good back up plan is reassuring and a good policy for any dog owner that uses the services of a local dog walker. Don’t wait until the last minute… find a back up dog walker and create your back up plan today!

Photo: Flickr