Handing out Magnets in San Francisco’s Dolores Park

Dolores Park in San FranciscoThis past weekend, we were in San Francisco, California, and we spent time promoting DogWalker.com and meeting with dog owners and dog walkers. Online marketing is great (and we sure do a lot of it), but meeting directly with dog owners to make sure they know the website exists is equally important to me and to the continued success and growth of DogWalker.com.

When we landed in San Francisco, I was surprised at just how chilly the temperature was (at least partially due to the constant fog that hangs over the city). Usually when I fly out West or South, I leave the cold confines of New York City, and I head for the warmer temps. This trip was different because it has been a chilly summer for Northern California. It was 90 degrees and humid when I left,  and it felt like it was in the mid 50s or low 60s in San Francisco.

Enough about the weather.  One of my favorite parts of the trip was going to Dolores Park, a park near the Mission neighborhood with magnificent views of the city, and far enough away from the fog that people were out sunbathing and playing with their dogs. Before hitting Dolores Park, we had a quick burrito lunch at Pancho Villa followed by ice cream at Bi-Rite (salted caramel).

As we walked to the Park with our ice cream, we were handing out DogWalker.com magnets to dog owners. A few people recognized the site and many didn’t. It was cool to be able to let these people know what DogWalker.com is and how it can help them. We were able to hand out quite a few DogWalker.com magnets, and I am sure they now adorn the refrigerators of dog owners throughout the city.

One thing I noticed in San Francisco is that dogs aren’t required to be on leash. In New York City, there is a law that dogs can be off leash in city parks sometime after 9pm (I think) through 9am.  I don’t know about you, but I am not willing to let my curious puggle off leash after dark, and having her back on leash by 9am in Central Park seems very early. I understand why it’s necessary, but I like the fact that the laws seem more liberal in SF.

We spent the weekend handing out magnets in various parts of the city, putting magnets in pet stores, and making sure they were visible to dog owners. This was a great opportunity to promote the site and visit with dog walkers in San Francisco. Thank you for being so welcoming and hospitable!