Handing Out DogWalker.com Magnets at Unleashed by PETCO on the Upper West Side of New York City

Unleashed by PETCOA couple of weeks ago while walking Lucy, we walked by Unleashed by PETCO, a brand new store on New York City’s Upper West Side. Unleashed is owned and operated by the larger PETCO, and it offers tons of dog food, dog supplies, treats, and other pet supplies. On this first trip to Unleashed, Lucy was most interested in eating apple and cheddar frozen yogurt (for dogs) and socializing with the other dogs in the store.

On our way out of the store, we asked the manager if we could leave DogWalker.com magnets by the register so dog owners and dog walkers would be able to learn more about our service. Instead of doing this, the manager suggested we come back that weekend and hand out magnets outside of the store during their grand opening celebration! Of course we said yes!!

The following Saturday, we set up a table with a huge DogWalker.com sign in front of Unleashed, and we handed out several dozen (maybe more) magnets for people to put on their refrigerators. We let them know that DogWalker.com has listings of dog walkers in New York as well as dog walkers from across the entire country. It was fun promoting DogWalker.com to people in person rather than just online (which is VERY important).

We are always handing out magnets to people when we walk our dog, and we’re not shy about letting people know that DogWalker.com can be helpful to them when they need to find a dog walker. We really appreciate the opportunity that Unleashed by Petco gave us, and we encourage you to visit stores like this that help small businesses succeed.  THANK YOU!