Halloween Costume for My Dog

Bee Costume for DogsAlthough I LOVE candy, I have never really loved Halloween. I don’t really like searching for a Halloween costume, dressing up for the holiday, nor do I like paying for a costume that I will wear just once. If that makes me a Halloween party pooper, so be it!

My wife, on the other hand, loves Halloween. She would go to several Halloween parties if possible, and she loves seeing the little kids who come trick or treating in our apartment building. My favorite part of trick or treating is eating all of the candy that’s left over.  We bought a bunch of candy at the Dollar Store a few weeks ago, and I think I already ate half of it.

Anyway, to the point of this blog post… I finally relented this year, and I agreed to host a Halloween party with our friends. The one condition is that Lucy, our 3 year old puggle, can stay for the party and gets to wear a dog costume. I hate seeing dogs dressed up during the year in the park, but there’s something endearing about dressing Lucy up in a Halloween costume made specifically for dogs.

At the moment, we are debating between a two different options from Old Navy – a Frog costume or a Bee costume. Personally, I like the bee Halloween costume best because of the antennae. I think it’s very cute. I guess as long as Lucy gets enough treats, she will be very happy, too. My bet is that if she wears the bee costume, she will get tons of treats!