Guest Post: Using YouTube for Advertising

I want to share a guest post with you, written by Joshua Boutelle, Owner of City Pups SF, a dog walking service in San Francisco. In addition to advertising on, Joshua uses You Tube videos to help promote his business.

As a professional Dog Walker, I have found Youtube to be an excellent tool for my business.  Using just a smartphone and a basic video editing program, I am able to keep my current clients updated on how much fun their dog is having while bringing in new business.  The various social networks allow my clients to share their dog’s adventures with friends and co-workers giving my business the exposure it needs.

I’ve found it to be very difficult selling or even just explaining my services through email or over the phone. With a video at my disposal, I’m able to refer potential clients to youtube.  Often times after seeing how much fun my dogs have, potential clients can’t sign their furry friends up fast enough!  Youtube is a great way to engage clients and make your business stand out, I can’t recommend using this tool enough.