Grist Mill Dog Park in Mt. Vernon, Virginia

Dog Park in Mt. Vernon, VirginiaEstablished in April 2006, Grist Mill Dog Park is located at 4710 Mt. Vernon Memorial Highway in Fairfax County, Virginia. It is one of seven official dog parks in the county.

All dog breeds are welcome to run, play, and exercise at the park. The dogs are permitted to be off leash in the park as long as they are well-behaved. The dog park encompasses one acre of ground, which is enough room for 64 dogs to play comfortably although it is typically well below capacity.

Grist Mill Dog Park is surrounded by a fence to ensure the safety of the dogs. It has a gravel surface, technically known as bluestone dust, rather than grass. The park has three benches and several scattered trees.

Visitors to the park can expect to find dogs of all sizes running and playing in the park. The dogs’ owners usually let them run free. Tennis balls and various chew toys for dogs, along with water bowls, can typically be found on the ground in the park. Dogs can drink from a water pump in the park.

To reach Grist Mill Dog Park, if you are traveling north on U.S. Route 1, turn right onto Mt. Vernon Memorial Highway and drive 1.4 miles. The park entrance is on the left, just past the intersection with Route 623. The off-leash dog area is in the front section of the park, just past a barn and a garden area.

Photo: Flickr