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Manhattan dog walkerWith 13 years in the business, Pooch Pals LLC located in mid-town Manhattan, NY has seen its fair share of dog canine-alities and encountered all types of natural disasters and emergencies. Hurricane Sandy, the most recent event to plague the New York tri-state area, has been tough on many people and their pets leaving some stranded without shelter. Before the storm the most common question we received was, “what should i do to prepare before the storm”.

  • Current photos of your pet(s)
  • All pets should have proper identification microchip and tags on collar
  • Food & water for at least five days

Beyond providing our clients with information via Twitter & Facebook we also created a hot line for owners to call and scheduled a conference call for all our customers and friends to call in with questions and concerns about their pet. As the storm was beginning to intensify the most common question we received was, “if the storm hits our area, what should i do”.

  • Have an area where you can put down newspapers or pads so your pet will have somewhere to go to the bathroom if he/she needs to
  • Never tranquilize your pet during a storm. They need their survival instincts fully functioning
  • Have a homeopathic remedy or essential oils (therapeutic grade only) on-hand for calming pets. These will calm pets without making them groggy or inhibiting their natural instincts

Post-Hurricane, many of our clients decided to pack up and leave the city staying with friends and family. During this time, as a company, our pet care team continued to stay in touch with clients via text message and email providing updates on city transportation and checking on each individuals scheduling needs.

A natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy comes with an inherit opportunity for pet care companies to go over and beyond to help customers, their pets and families. The nature of what we do is to help people. Today for instance, the Pooch Pals team signed up to help a local volunteer group offering to donate toys, blankets and canned food along with fostering stranded pets temporarily while families get their bearing.

If you haven’t already done so, we encourage pet care companies listed on to support your local community and make a positive social impact.

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