Give a Valentines Day Gift to Your Dog Walker

Valentines Day Most of us give an extra special holiday tip to our favorite dog walkers during the Christmas season. They work hard all year, and it’s nice to be able to give a reward / bonus to them, which will certainly be helpful for them as they buy their loved ones Xmas gifts.

In case you haven’t thought about this already, Valentines Day (February 14th) is a great time to say “thanks” to your dog walker in a special and unique way! ¬†It’s probable that this gift will come as a complete surprise, which will make it all the more fun.

Here are 5 suggestions for fun Valentines Day gifts:

  • Chocolate or Candy – What person doesn’t like sweets?
  • Home made cookies or brownies – Great way to show you care.
  • Flowers – Make sure your dog walker (or spouse) doesn’t get the wrong idea!
  • Gift Certificate – Always appreciated.
  • Valentines Day Card – Just to say thanks.

Your Valentines Day gifts don’t have to be expensive to make a nice impact. ¬†Giving your dog walker a Valentines Day gift or card is a great way to say thank you and to show you care.