Getting New Business: Dog Walker Flyer

Dog Walker FlyersStarting a dog walking business is a great way for students and others to earn some extra money doing something they love – caring for dogs. Dog owners who have a busy schedule and are unable to find the time to give their pets the regular exercise they need would likely welcome the assistance of a helper who could assume some of the dog walking chores for them.

One of the best ways to start rounding up clients for your new dog walking service is to print up some flyers and post them around your area. The flyer should be friendly, introducing yourself (first name only) and perhaps saying that you’re a student looking to earn some extra money doing something you love. Include any experience you have, the days and times you’re available, the neighborhoods you’re willing to go to and your rates. Finally, include the telephone number(s) at which you can be reached. Putting a picture of a cute dog on the flyer can also help, as it’s likely to capture the attention of passing dog owners.

While some dog walkers put flyers up on telephone or street-sign or light poles, there are better locations for posting flyers. Many pet stores and shops have bulletin boards for pet service advertising, and this is a good spot to post a flyer. Grocery stores, animal shelters and veterinary offices are also good places for your flyer if they’ll allow you to post one.

If you have families in your neighborhood that keep dogs that’s a great place to start advertising your service, close to home. Parking lots at malls can also be a place where you can put a flyer under a car’s windshield wiper blade, especially if you see a dog in the car.

Photo: Flickr