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Four Paws Rec Club

Active walks for active pups! Owner operated, certified group dog walker, limiting packs to just 6 pups for full access to the Bay Area’s best off-leash adventure! I believe in active engagement with each dog so I can focus their attention on fun, safe and positive interactions. It also means I get to challenge their brains with various games and activities while improving their skills and manners. This leaves you with a thoroughly exercised and tuckered pup.

There’s a lot more to walking dogs than leashing them up and hitting the trail. I completed my professional dog walker training and certification, including Pet CPR, with Dog*Tec in San Francisco. I learned the nuances of canine behavior and body language, how to manage peaceful packs, avoiding and handling various emergency situations, and the essentials of car safety. I use science-based positive-only reinforcement methods to build a solid foundation of command response and good behavior.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!
– Barton