Fort Funston Dog Park in San Francisco

Ft. Funston Dog Park - San FranciscoFort Funston Park is a unique dog park located in San Francisco, California. The park gives dogs and their owners the chance to stretch their legs on sandy dunes along Ocean Beach. While most dog owners keep their dogs on leash while at Ft. Funston Park, you will see some pups running off leash. Voice controlled walking is allowed in the park.

The water fountain is a stopping point for humans. Water dishes can be found here for thirsty dogs, too. Fort Funston Park is a great place to relax while allowing your dog to meet other canines for socialization and play. Access to the beach offers a place for dogs to swim and there’s plenty of room in the grassy areas to run free or play games with your pooch. Other dog watering areas are in the parking lot.

Waste bags are available at the pooper scooper boxes. Pick up any waste material your dog has and deposit in the pooper boxes when you leave the park.

The entire park includes 35 acres of hilly, grassland terrain. Most of the trails are paved. However, trails leading to the beach are not. Special sand ladders were built to accommodate access from the steepest dunes to the beach. Ft. Funston Dog Park is a great place for a dog walker in San Francisco to take his or her pet clients.

Photo: Flickr