Flyers for a Dog Walking Business

Dog Walker MarketingWe’ve all seen these before. On light poles, phone booths, and the board at the local pet shop or┬áveterinarian. They are paper or laminated flyers letting people know about a local dog walker or dog walking business, and it includes a phone number to call or a website to visit for more information.

Distributing flyers for you dog walking business is a good way to drum up local business. But what information should you include on your flyer? How should you design it? Where are the best places to put them up, and where should you avoid? Here are some tips for getting the most out of your fliers to get the most customers.
Crucial Information

Are you willing to walk giant-breed dogs? How about several toy breeds at once? Will you walk intact (unaltered) dogs? Are there any breeds you refuse to handle? Do you demand vaccination records? Be sure to post these caveats along with your first name, phone number, and availability. If you have experience with dogs, list that as well. If you’re including a photo, choose one of yourself with your own dog. A friendly flyer with information about you will likely yield better results.

Design Elements

As nearly everyone has a cellphone to program your number into, having tear-off strips along the bottom of the fliers probably isn’t necessary, especially since it can look really messy after a few days. Use large block lettering and triple-check your spelling and grammar. Include your phone number, email address, and/or website (make sure your website has all the information you want to include). After all, your flier is a reflection of your professionalism. If your flyer will be outside, you may want to have it laminated to protect it from the elements. Bright colors might help it stand out, or print it on colored paper.

Effective Posting

With the owners permission, pet shops, veterinarians’ offices, grooming shops, and grocery stores are perfect places to post your fliers. Avoid putting them up on public property, such as light poles or trees. You could be fined, or you could really annoy people in the neighborhood.

Designing a sharp, professional flyer with all the pertinent details is key to attracting clients to your dog-walking business. Make the best first impression possible with good posting places, and dog owners will be encouraged to call for your services.

Photo: Flickr