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Pet SittingA pet sitting service is the perfect alternative for those who don’t want to leave their pet in a kennel while out of town. Having a pet sitter allows the animal to stay at home, be taken care of and relieves you of worry while away. These professionals handle every aspect of pet care, such as walking and feeding.

These professionals come into your home while you are away and care for your pet. They handle such tasks as dog walking, feeding, attention and keeping the animal’s environment clean. This helps to reduce the stress that your dog may have while you are gone. They are professionals who have a keen understanding of animal care needs and how to handle situations that may come up. They may also offer services to keep your dog in their own home, which can have many advantages for the home owner.

Find a Pet Sitting Service

When someone considers becoming a pet sitter, they can start by joining the National Association of Pet Sitters or Pet Sitters International, which offers marketing opportunities, education and other benefits. Many owners can locate one through this organization. They also can get liability and bonding insurance, which gives home owners peace of mind when letting them watch their pet at their home.

One of the best advantages is dog walking services, which allows the pet to get out and get exercise. When a dog can take a walk in surroundings that are familiar and comfortable, the pet has an easier time dealing with an owner being away. This is better than being stuck in a small pen at a boarding facility to get exercise.

It is important for the person wanting to join this field to get as much education as possible as possible. This includes knowing how to handle different types of dogs, their nutritional requirements and care for a sick pet. They can get training in these areas through these organizations and other sources. This even means handling an emergency, such as during a natural disaster such as a tornado or flood.

Those that join a professional organization also often undergo a background check, so pet owners know they are hiring someone safe. This field can bring very good wages, depending on the types of services offered and how much the individual works. Taking care of an animal over an extended period of time, such as while the owner is on vacation, can bring good steady pay to the sitter.

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