Evolutionizing Dog Training Tools for the 21st Century

Dog WalkingThis guest post is written by Alecia Evans, Professional Dog Trainer, Inventor of The Walk In Sync™ Humane Dog Walking and Training System. For over a decade, Alecia has been transforming dogs of all ages, breeds and temperaments and turning their humans into respectable leaders in the most human and fun ways.

After a decade of training dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments it occurred to me that the most recommended tools available to train our beloved companions involved choking them or possibly harming their spines and necks. I began asking the question: “What else was possible in developing training tools that not only worked quickly and effectively but completely respected and honored the dog’s body and intelligence and made training a stress free, humane, pleasurable and rewarding experience for dog and human alike?”

My answer arrived when I had a vision for a new type of training harness that would eliminate pulling and never harm the dog by providing a clear consistent boundary. which would teach them to back off of pressure in a such an effortless way that it seemed like the dog was training themselves.

Virtually all dogs that pull have been unknowingly taught by their people through continuously changing boundaries that pulling gets the dog and their human to move forward. Most training tools were devised to work through the application of pain or at least pressure in spots that can harm your dog by misaligning vertebrae in their spine or damaging soft tissue through repetitive strain.  ”In a retrospective study on spinal pain, injury or changes in dogs conducted in Sweden, Hallgreen (1992) found that 91% of dogs with cervical anomalies experienced harsh jerks on lead or had a long history of pulling on the lead. This strongly suggests that such corrections are potentially injurious.” – Karen Overall, Clinical Behavioural Medicine for Small Animals.

Well, it’s the 21st Century and the time for more Humane Dog Training tools has arrived.

Imagine using the proper tools to turn you into the leader your dog or puppy has been begging you to be. What if there existed a new way to train your dog that is totally humane and actually teaches your dog how to harness and master their own energy to unleash their greatest potential in just minutes.

The first thing you will require is a training tool that does not choke your dog, such as a harness.  The harness should fit below the dog’s throat to allow free range of motion and never inhibit shoulder stride.  Next you will require a leash that allows you to create clear consistent boundaries for your dog or pup that are unchanging.  These tools will be your life line to creating a great relationship with your dog.

Now that you have the proper tools you will need a new method to use to train your dog or puppy to sets you up for pain and stress free success.

A training method should be: easy, consistent, fun and effective while teaching you how to harness your dog’s energy to unleash their greatest potential in just minutes without choking them.  The method should be developed to work with the humane training tools to teach and support you in educating your dog in a very short time to move off of pressure without any pain and how to walk in sync with you within minutes.

For more information on how to join the legions of dog parents choosing Humane Training please visit: www.dogwalkinsync.com for more information.