Emma Long Metro Park in Austin

The Emma Long Dog Park in Austin, Texas, is for active dogs who love hiking, playing in the water or both. Visitors to the park’s off-leash trail, officially called “Turkey Creek,” will routinely see dogs splashing in the creek and happily walking free with owners.

The 2.5 mile trail crosses the creek more than a dozen times, with natural rocks and man-made stepping stones. Bio-degradable “Scoop the Poop” trash stations can be found along the trail.

The dog park is part of the Emma Long Metropolitan Park, one of the largest parks in Austin, Texas. Dogs are allowed to swim off-leash in the lake but must remain on leash elsewhere in the main park. Some areas are restricted to pets, so you should get to know the rules, posted on the city of Austin’s website.

Areas where dogs can play off-leash extends from the fence boundary on the west to City Park Drive. Turkey Creek is on the western side. As with most public dog parks and dog run, all dogs must wear collars at all times and have proof of vaccination tags. Leashes must be six feet or shorter.

Emma Long Dog Park is a great place for a dog walker in Austin to take his or her dogs.  The Dog Park is located at 1600 City Park Rd in Austin, Tx. Hours are from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., daily. Parking for Turkey Creek is two miles past the park’s entrance sign. There are also a number of other dog parks in Austin, Texas if you’d rather go elsewhere.

Photo: Flickr