Eddie Van Halen: Your Dog Needs DogWalker.com

When we saw this video on TMZ featuring Eddie van Halen leaving his hotel in New York City with his cute dog, we thought we “might as well jump” at this opportunity to let him know about us.

We know you’re a busy guy, making the “big fat money,” but you’re also a family man. You love your dog and want what’s best for him, but your schedule has you with “one foot out the door.” Don’t worry, Eddie. You can have the “best of both worlds.” We know that your dog needs to get out, smell the fresh air and play with other dogs. He wants to “run, run runaround” and have a good time.  That’s where we step in (so you don’t have to step in it).

As a responsible pet owner, if you can’t take your pooch out, you know you’ll “hear about it later.” He’s sitting there with his eyes so sad, but you just can’t take him out. His expression says “I’ll wait” but he’s got to go real bad. “Right now,” not later or when you have time. He’s pacing, whining, and staring at the door. Then it’s too late. He goes from good dog submission to a “man on a mission” and his aim is on your floor.

Don’t get mad at your “dirty water dog,” after all, the poor guy had a “fire in the hole.” You understand how it is and you “don’t wanna be no uptown fool.” So why not give a dog walker at DogWalker.com a try. They aim to please, no matter where you are on your tour in the United States. Whether that means a long walk around the neighborhood (never on a “mean street”), a jog in the park, or a run to the nearest dog run, they are happy to accommodate, as long as they’re not “runnin’ with the devil.”

Eddie, you’ve had us “on top of the world” for years with your incredible talent. And we’d like to say thank you. So check us out. In the care of a dog walker found at DogWalker.com, your baby will head out on some “happy trails” meet other dogs, wag his tail and not wonder “where have all the good times gone?” Whether it’s number one or “bottoms up!” we’ll take care of the mess so you can “stay frosty!”